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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Visual Learners: The Learner is Watching

This type of learner learns best by watching how things work. Many students respond to visual learning techniques today because they are growing up in an image driven culture.

Visual/spatial learners love a well-ordered and designed space with each object in its place and appealingly
 They are uncomfortable, even restless, encountering incomplete or unsettled situations.

Instinctive sense of balance and completeness
: They can tell when something is out of alignment, or not truly horizontal or vertical. 
They are adept at working with mirror images and rotating images in their minds, and strive to bring order by constructing, arranging, color coding, or fixing things.

Observing/experiencing: They learn best by observing and experiencing. They use visual images to navigate and comprehend.

Visual/spatial learners are good at seeing the “big picture”
of both simple and complex systems. Overviews or summaries are their specialty, often at the expense of remembering details or constructing sequences.

They prefer to read and work under subdued or natural lighting 
and in comfortable conditions, and are uncomfortable with glare/harsh lighting, rough clothing, drafts, and temperature extremes.


* Retention--Students better remember information when it's represented and learned both visually and verbally. They need to see how things are done and how things work. Outlines and graphic organizers link verbal and visual information and help students make connections, understand relationships and recall related details.

* Comprehension--Students better comprehend new ideas when they see how things work and observe how they are done. Diagrams, models, animations, and visual displays work best.

* Assignments--Students can create diagrams, displays, dramas, models, tables, charts, and cartoons to demonstrate knowledge. Using outlines and graphic organizers will help their productivity.

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