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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Portfolio Checklist

Portfolios: Term One
Beginning mid-October the first round of portfolios will be due. Below is a checklist of what I need to see for Grades One through Nine. Kindergarten students do as much as currently applies to you. I do not need to see anything for online courses.  Copies can be scanned or photographed.
Language Arts
___2 Samples of Writing projects.  (This will vary according to grade level.) For Grades 4-9 a paragraph is all I really need for Term One evaluation.
                ___2-3 Copies or quiz results for Spelling.  ie. 18/20
                ___2-3 Copies or quiz results for Grammar.
___Your assessment of their Reading levels. Include: fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. 
___ Copies of Math quiz results. Include results for drill and practice such as Mad Minutes.
___ List of Units covered this term. (Many of you are doing this as part of your weekly reports.)
Science & Social:
___Copies of quiz results and/or three sample pages of work that they’ve done.
PE:           ___PE activity logs
___Evaluations or comments from coaches or teachers. (ie. Tae kwon do instructor)
Health & Career
___Covered in weekly reports.
Art:          ___Evaluations or comments from Music, Drama or Dance instructors.
                ___3 samples of artwork. (You can take pictures and email them to me.)
Bible:        ___Covered in weekly reports.

Second Language: (grades 5-9)  ___  Quiz results.

Other: Applied Skills,  ___SEND ME COOKIES! J
As I fill out your children’s report cards I can only report on what I know, and I only know what you tell me. So don’t be shy about telling me LOTS!
Portfolios can be sent in the mail, or by email.

My Mailing address is available if you email me. I don't want to publish it on this site.

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