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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

True Reflections

I remember clear winter nights in Grande Prairie where between the light from the full Moon and the reflection of the snow I was able to drive my skidoo without lights and easily know where I was going.

The Moon is pretty much just a humongous cold rock orbiting the Earth. It has no light of its own. It has no active volcanoes or fires. Yet there are nights when it is bright enough to provide surprising amounts of light.

All of the Moon’s light comes from the Sun. None of it is self-generated. Yet it shines incredibly brightly.

As Christ-followers we are like the Moon. We are reflectors of Jesus. For most people we may be the only Jesus that they will see, hear or interact with.

God has saved us by His grace and has also called us to be His light in the world.  He has called us to shine His light into the darkness that seems to be pushing out the light in our communities. However, light always displaces darkness. Dark spaces can be brightened by a single candle, while the light from a candle is never overwhelmed by darkness.

I would encourage you in your homes, to your children, to your neighbors and family, to people you work with and go to church with…be the reflection… be the light of Jesus in their lives.

Remember that you are His reflection.

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