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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

FSA Information

By writing the FSAs your child will:
-           Support home learning by giving a baseline evaluation for grades 4 and 7
-           Support HCOS in our relationship with the Government and the continuation of funding for DL programs
-           Learn the valuable skill of "Test Taking"

Heritage Christian Online School would like to thank you for your support, effort and time. In appreciation each participant will receive $30 added to their curriculum budget, plus their name will be entered for a grand prize of a trip to the CHEC convention (April 27 and 28), up to a maximum of $500.  
The tests consist of two parts.  The first part is a multiple choice section that must be written on the computer.  Your support teacher will be contacting you to help you get set up on a computer for the multiple choice section.  The second part is a booklet for the written responses.  Both of these parts will be testing your child in the two subject areas of Language Arts and Mathematics.  

Early in January you should receive in the mail a package containing:
-           A booklet for the written part of the test
-           Directions for how to write the test
-           Invigilation directions
-           Passwords, etc.
-           A pre-paid, self-addressed envelope for returning the booklet once your child is finished with the test.  
NOTE: If you live overseas you will not be receiving a package in the mail but an email with the PDF format for the written booklet plus all directions listed above.  Your child's answers to the written portion need to be scanned and emailed to scodling@onlineschool.ca .

Please Note:
1.         The written portion of the tests needs to be returned in the pre-paid and self-addressed envelope and received by March 2. We would suggest putting it in the mail no later than February 24th, since that is the last day to write the FSA tests.  
2.         If your child is on an IEP, because they are not reading or writing up to grade level, arrangements can be made for a reader and /or a scribe or extra time to write.
3.         Please remember the results of these tests do not count towards your child's report card. We are looking for participation.   
4.         Your support teacher will be forwarding links of previous FSA tests and exercises which you may use, if desired, to prepare your child for the test.
5.         For more information please go to http://www.onlineschool.ca/handbook/HCOS_Parent_Handbook.pdf  starting on page 22.

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