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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Gone Fishing....

Summer is here and I'll won't be posting any more blogs until mid-August.
Enjoy your summer, your family, and your friends.

Reporting and Portfolio Expectations

Reporting expectations:
I need to receive an email from you every week, or at the most every two weeks. Even if they just let me know that you're alive and well, and that you're still plugging away. I get nervous when it's been longer than two weeks without hearing anything.  I love receiving brief summaries of what's going on in the different subject areas. 

As you proceed through the year keep samples from the different subject areas to submit. I enjoy receiving emailed scans of assignments. I'll send a portfolio checklist to help you to build your portfolios. I'll also post the list on this blog.

Welcome 2011-2012 Families

About Me:

My name is Bruce Hildebrandt, I was born and raised in rural Alberta. Both of my parents were teachers and they instilled a love of learning in me. They taught me that education happens everywhere, all the time. The world has always been my classroom. My parents also taught us about God. My 40+ year walk with God has been a joy, an adventure, and the focus of my life. I haven't regretted a moment. Jesus is my rock, my hope, and my purpose. My life is rich and Jesus is the reason.

After High School, I attended Peace River Bible Institute for three years. It was while I was at PRBI that God laid on my heart that I was to become a teacher. I completed my B.Ed. at the University of Alberta and immediately took a teaching position on a First Nations reserve in Northern Alberta. Two years later, I moved to Sherwood Park and began teaching at Strathcona Christian Academy. Four years ago I completed a Masters in Education through Gonzaga University. I've now been teaching for 25 years, two of those with HCOS.

While on vacation in Kelowna I met a beautiful young lady named Niki. We dated long-distance for two years before I got a job at Kelowna Christian School. We've been married nineteen sweet years. =) Niki has taught with HCOS this past year and some of my new students were her former students. This year she feels called back to the classroom to teach Grade One. Together, we have helped to plant a church, and regularly lead worship wherever God opens the door. We have had the privilege of taking five groups of High School students to South Africa and Zambia on short-term missions trips. Niki and I have not been able to have children, so we have always looked at the children in our classes and our lives as "our" children for as long as God allows us to be in their lives.

I enjoy music, hiking, sports, making imovies, and exploring this amazing world that God has created.

I love working with parents who are passionate about the education of their children. It is my goal to support  and work together with you. I'll try to do what I can to assist you in making your job easier and more effective. I certainly don't know everything, nor do I have all the answers, but I'll do my best to find the resources and the people who can help us.