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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Meeting With Jesus

In Luke 7:36-50 we read about a religious leader who wanted to meet with Jesus. He invited Jesus over for a meal and the opportunity to begin to know him better. Their meal was interrupted by a woman who arrived uninvited and fell at Jesus feet. With her tears she washed his feet, with her hair she dried them, and with expensive perfume she anointed them. This woman not only poured out her tears, she poured out her heart.

In the end it was the woman who truly met with Jesus. The religious leader with all of his education, piety, and religious authority only had Jesus in his house. He had Jesus in his house, but he totally missed actually MEETING with Jesus.

In our own walk isn’t it our desire to truly meet with Jesus? I think that the lesson here is that it is in the times when we shamelessly pour out our hearts before Him, that Jesus meets with us. Jesus is far less concerned with our religiosity and piety. Rather, He is far more concerned with the attitude of our heart.

What better lesson to teach and model for our children? 

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  1. So true Bruce! How often we walk in our own importance when Jesus wants us to wash the feet of others less important. If only we could live this way on a daily basis, from the heart of Jesus. God is gracious. Thanks for sharing:) Blessings Pippa