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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Motivation: Rewarding What We Value

As we pass the mid-point of the year, motivation can become an issue. Here is one idea that a parent shared with me that I think is brilliant. She gave me permission to share it. I would LOVE to hear other ideas that you have found successful.

“Yesterday we had our once monthly awards day for the "Stephens Academy for Higher Education".  At the beginning of the year I posted our motto on the wall: Pursuing Excellence in All Areas for the Glory of God - and we do this in three ways:  

1-  Diligence in our studies.

2 - Attitude - A willingness to be taught and teach others.

3 - Earning grades that accurately display our knowledge and abilities.  

On the last Friday of the month our family has a "ceremony" and we hand out awards to each of the kids for excellence in these areas (if they've earned it – there have been a couple of times where we had to delay in order to correct some behaviours/attitudes).  We make a big deal out of it and the kids absolutely love it!  

Each of the boys earn a lego mini-figure and our daughter earns a pet shop, we also usually give them some candy and a school item (new pencil, eraser etc).  Our children love it and we have found it a great motivational tool and a good way to remind them to do their best work and put in their greatest effort in all areas.”

I'm ready to begin receiving term two portfolios.

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