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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

New "Evangelists"

I have evangelists living in my house! This week I took a “little” trip to Northern BC to visit some of my online families.  I hadn’t seen my own parents for a while so I invited them to join me on the six to seven-hour drive.

We had a terrific chat about life, family, church, the future, concerns over friends, work, society, and all of the other things that arise on a long drive.

Our drive back had a little different theme. 

You see my parents, both teachers, have been involved in public education for over 50 years. They are still involved as TOCs (subs) on a fairly regular basis. Over 50 years they have poured their lives into their students and have also seen a lot of change in schools, in children, and in society. They have always been curious about homeschooling and to be honest were slightly skeptical about its results.

My HCOS families were gracious enough to welcome my parents in to meet their children and talk about what homeschooling means to them and their families. My parents listened in as some of the children shared their learning and showed off their work.

Well, I had to smile all the way home as my parents began to espouse homeschooling as the cure for all ills. They repeatedly commented on how sharp the children were, how organized the parents were, how well the children listened, how the kids had a calmness and security and peace. They were so impressed at how learning was individualized and truly nurtured each one, and how the children worked and cooperated around the home; essentially the character that was being developed and shown. My parents were SOOOO impressed!!

Yup, I have two new homeschool evangelists in my family. 

Thank you to the families who were so welcoming and exemplary of what homeschooling is all about. Thanks to all of you for the time, energy, and passion that you invest in the lives of your children. May God bless you with wisdom, patience, energy, and a renewed vision in what you do every day. The lives you’re touching aren’t just those of your own family. 

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