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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Learning Styles: Kinesthetic Learners

Understanding your child’s learning style(s) can be a key to experiencing greater success in teaching. Over the next few weeks I will introduce a number of learning styles and ways to identify them in your child(ten).

Kinesthetic:  Learning through touch.
This type of learner learns best by physically interacting with the material. They naturally count with fingers, trace shapes, and “have” to touch everything to see how it feels. Other signs to look for include: fidgeting, bouncing a leg, doodling, or playing with something in their hands while they listen.

Some Strategies:
*These students thrive when they get to build, handle or create things connected to the topic.
*Use concrete objects (like coins, beans, cheerios, etc.) to help with Math concepts.
*Spelling/printing-trace words and letters in salt, sand, or use magnetic letters to spell words.
*Use maps, globes and puzzles to study history and geography. Go on a field to a museum or heritage village.
*Have your child “teach” the lesson that they learned to the family using a chalkboard or manipulatives.

*While listening to information have your child play with a stress ball, or stand and move.
*Allow child to have opportunities to leave seatwork to move around.
*Have someone help your child develop an organization system.

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