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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Auditory Learners

Auditory Learners: Learning by Hearing

   Auditory learners like to read to themselves out loud. They are not afraid to speak in class. They like to do oral reports and are good at explaining. Auditory learners remember names and notice small things like sound effects in movies. They enjoy music and are good at grammar and foreign languages. They prefer oral directions over written directions. Some auditory learners can't keep quiet for long periods. They enjoy acting, and being on stage. Written information may not make sense until they hear it read.

Auditory learners may have a knack for ascertaining the true meaning of someone's words by listening to audible signals like changes in tone. When memorizing a phone number, an auditory learner will say it out loud and then remember how it sounded to recall it.

    Use word association to remember facts and lines.
    Recording lectures.
    Watching videos.
    Repeating facts with eyes closed.
    Participating in group discussions.
    Using audiotapes for language practice.
    Taping notes after writing them.
    Working in study groups.

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