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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer's Here

Summers are wonderful! The days are long, the weather’s warm, and you just want to be outside. There are so many things to do and people to see. Summers are a time for travel, BBQs, camping, laying on the beach, summer reading, and just taking time to breathe again.

You’ve done a great job of guiding your children’s education this year. Celebrate that. Take advantage of this time of year to take a break from the regimented routine and change up the pace.

If you are concerned that your kids will “lose it” here are a couple of ideas. To keep their children sharp, some of my friends would pick up grade level workbooks at Walmart, Costco, or Superstore. Their kids worked on them, at their own pace, and when they finished they got a special reward.

Reading should be connected with your children’s curiosity, and should be purely for enjoyment. Maybe reading will just be a stack of comics, like a Calvin & Hobbes or old Archies. If you’re taking a family trip let your children find out about where you’re going and the highlights along the way.

Whatever your summer plans, let me encourage you to take some time to recharge, take some time to draw together as a family, and take some time to draw close to God. Enjoy your summer.

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