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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Teaching With Love

Mrs. Marcia Somerville's paraphrase of 1 Corinthians 13 (The Love Chapter.)

“If I tell my children all day long to love God and each other (in even the most eloquent terms); to study hard, to be diligent, and to love learning, but do not show them a living, breathing example of love as I walk through the process of homeschooling them; then my words are so much noise in their ears, and can never bring about the results that I desire. 

If I am the wisest of parents, having insight into my children’s hearts at all times, and flawlessly delivering to them all instruction, faithfully, day after day, but do so without love, I am nothing. 

If, by dint of great effort and sacrifice, I find and manage to purchase an amazing curriculum that is the most expensive and lavish one available, and I work diligently to deliver all the lessons from it as directed, but do not do so in a loving way, I gain nothing.”

Whether in the classroom or in the dining room, love is the greatest gift and the best lesson that we can ever teach our children. It’s taught best by our own example.

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