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Monday, 30 May 2011

Home schooling is HOME SCHOOLING

This thought is meant to re-affrirm the values of homeschooling that I know that you and HCOS are based on.

There has been a bit of discussion lately regarding home schooling as self-teaching at home. Here is a summary of a couple of themes. 

"Homeschooling is a way for families to nurture and work with their children before God, not to withdraw from traditional education and leave an instructional vacuum in its place. For any student to be on their own and basically “self-teaching” is outside the bounds of what we stand for as homeschoolers." 

With our online courses "we often find a 13 or 14 year old left on their own with just a computer in front of them and the expectation that the student will be conscientious, hard working and honest about their work. At HCOS, we strongly believe the parents have the onus to oversee their own children."

At HCOS, our goal as supporters and enablers of Home Education, is that we do just that support and enable you to educate your children We are happy to find curriculum and provide suggestions but home schooling is not intended to be self-education at home. We understand that there are times when things can seem challenging and even overwhelming. We want to stand beside you in those times.

I love working with parents who are passionate about the education of their children and who use the opportunities afforded in home schooling to daily closely guide the learning of their children. Some of the things that are sent to me are so wonderful and exciting that they inspire my own teaching. I hope that you too will encourage other home educators as they work to train their children.


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